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‘JB operating the GFX Cambo Actus’ - thanks to David Tolcher for the picture
‘JB operating the GFX Cambo Actus’ - thanks to David Tolcher for the picture

The quality from digital sensor technology (detail and dynamic range) has changed dramatically in the last few years and this has diversified the options available to the discerning landscape photographer. Going back a few years I shot Large Format film exclusively. Now I work exclusively with digital cameras.

There are 2 main systems I use:

1. Technical View Cameras (Digital and previously 5x4/10x8 film).
View cameras allow amazing control over perspective and the plane of focus. They also allow for a lot of flexibility in the use of lenses and film/digital capture options. For many years my main camera was a Linhof Technikarden 5x4 camera with various Large Format Lenses. I also have a beautiful Chamonix 10x8 camera that is a delight to use. With these I mostly shot Fuji Velvia, Ilford black and white film and occasionally Kodak colour negative film. For the last three years I have owned a Cambo Actus GFX view camera for which I use my Fuji GFX as a digital back to capture images using a range of large format lenses and the Pentax 645 35mm and 45mm lenses. This setup has now become my go to camera for session work.

2. Handheld mirrorless.
The Sony A7Riv with the excellent 24 -105 lens has now become my go to camera for lightweight work or scouting situations. I love the results it offers both for colour and black and white work, especially the colour quality at higher dynamic ranges and the image stabilisation technologies. I have a very light weight tripod for use in situations where stability is important.

I continue to use a Linhof viewer to help me visualise the image before setting up the camera, regardless of the camera used. My technical camera sits on a Gitzo tripod with the 405 Manfrotto head. I have a lightweight Gitzo tripod with an Arca L bracket for the Sony A7Riv. My gear fits into a range of F-Stop bags and ICUs. I print using an Epson 3880.

Thanks to David Tolcher for the above picture.