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A trip to the woods near Hull
Back in May, during the Bluebell season, I visited an interesting wood near Hull. Unusually, it has a mixture of bluebells and garlic and having made several bluebells images before, I decided to try my hand at a garlic woods image.

I scouted it out the first weekend with my son but whilst the bluebells were excellent, the garlic was not ready. However I did find a great patch that I knew should yield a decent image.

I returned the following weekend with my daughter and made this image:

'Garlic Woods'
'Garlic Woods'

Its an unusual composition for me, but I quite like it, particularly the tree configuration. The diffuse light was ok, but I think next year I might look for more dramatic lighting.

As a reward for being so patient, I photographed my daughter. Although I'm not sure it was much of a reward as she had to stand still for ages whilst I setup! Maybe I could forge an alternative career as a large format portrait photographer?

'a walk in the woods'
'a walk in the woods'

Hang on though, if a pet dog portrait can win landscape photographer of the year, think what my cute daughter could do? Now where is that entry form...