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G10 madness

I recently bought a cannon G10 to use as my sketching camera...
'Bubwith Trees'
'Bubwith Trees'

I recently bought a cannon G10 to use as my sketching camera, having played a bit with Dave Tolcher's. Having a digicam is very complementary to a large format camera. A light, small camera is an ideal companion, allowing ideas to be sketched out in advance of setting up such a cumbersome beast.

My previous digi snapping cameras have been, frankly, toys and I include the Ricoh GX100 in that list. It was simply not robust enough and felt very unlike holding a proper camera in your hand. None of them have lasted much more than 9 months with the treatment I give them. When the last one went a year ago I simply didn't bother replacing it. Laying out 300-400 quid every year on a sketching camera was just not economic.

Well this camera is different and more than just a sketching tool. It feels robust and it feels like a proper camera. I took it out on Saturday to give it is first proper run out and I left my large format camera at home. Walking near Bubwith in North Yorkshire I made a few images with a freedom I had not experienced with a camera for quite a while. Totally different to either 35m or large format.

The technical quality of the results are frankly better than the title 'sketching camera' would imply. Whilst of course they lack the ultimate quality of a LF trannie, they are pretty dam fine and good enough to print at 16x20 easily.

It put a smile on my face and I think I am going to enjoy the G10 as a serious second camera not just a toy.

PS Sorry about the rainbow.