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Dry Valley in the Wolds

The wolds is starting to grip me
'Frendal Dale'
'Frendal Dale'

I made another image in the wolds a couple of weeks back. What is most challenging about the area from a photography point of view is the lack of both water and of numerous quality details. The valleys are remarkable for being tight, narrow, windy and above all completely dry. For a photographer brought up on beaches, woods, streams and mountains that is all quite a challenge!

But it is the challenge that is interesting. Starting to make images in the wolds has forced me to adapt my technique and learn approaches that I wouldn't normally deploy. It has made me think creatively about making images in such places, even (as in this case) at noon in bright sunlight.

It was very interesting how I considered and approached my photography in the Lakes very differently now I have made a few wolds images that I like. For instance, I consider a 240 to be a 'wide angle' lens in many respects in the wolds and I have refined my 'vision' and grad technique as a result. I don't think I would have made my Newlands image on the previous blog if I had not started working in the Wolds. Long may it continue.

Slightly more concerning for the bank balance is that I have started to miss a lens between my 240 and 450. Oh dear, that excellent looking recent Schneider 350 lens beckens.