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Something different

Every now and then I challenge myself to shoot something I haven't done before
'Theme A Dot in the landscape'
'Theme A Dot in the landscape'

One of the great things about workshops for me is that I have always come away from them keen to try out something different (for me that is) - either some technique I picked up or an image influenced by some inspiring work I saw.

I made the above image last weekend at Skipwith Common in North Yorkshire, one of the best of the few remaining Wetland Heaths left in the country.

Whether or not it ultimately works is unclear to me at this stage and in some senses it doesn't really matter - for me the process comes first not the result. No doubt I will formulate a clearer view of it in a few weeks time. However I can safely say I would not have attempted this image before I went away - and that is what counts.