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New Years Resolution

Get out more often....
'Skipwith Common'
'Skipwith Common'

Santa brought me John Blakemore's 'Black and White Photography Workshop' this year and due to illness I've had the time to read it cover to cover. Although on the surface it is a 'how to' on making black and white photographs, in reality it is much much more than that; it is about the process of making photographs.

The book connected with me in so many ways, giving a clear language to some of the concepts I already have but struggle to articulate and introducing me to a breathtaking array of additional ideas.

John spent years photographing tulips. Its hard to get your head around that idea until you actually see some of these images and hear him explain the process he was going through - they are remarkable for their variety, inventiveness and beauty.

Anyway my new year's resolution is to devote some time to a little playground I have devised - it is at Skipwith, 5 minutes away in the car. The size of the playground is approximately 100 square meters and my objective is to spend 12 months exploring the photographic potential of a single location. I've had a few trips out there already and I feel I have barely scratched the surface. No doubt I will blog a number of the images but the full set as it develops can be seen on Flikr. At the end of the year I will select 15 images for a new section of my Gallery.

By the way, if you haven't read the book (and I can't believe I hadn't read it before now), I think it makes essential reading for Landscape Photographers.