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Skipwith in the wind

At trip to my playground between christmas and new year in the high wind.
'Let Sleeping Logs Lie'
'Let Sleeping Logs Lie'

Around christmas and new year I got a couple of run outs at my playground at Skipwith in radically different conditions.

I managed a couple of hours on this first trip and it was interesting primarily because of the high wind which was a real challenge to Large Format photography.

I had scouted out the main image above on a previous trip so setting this one up was relatively straightforward. I metered for the highlights and as a result have a slightly dark trannie but the colours in the grass are gorgeous.

I just love this log and as a subject it will probably get some more work done on it in the future.

The other LF composition I attempted was much more experimental. I tried to make deliberate use of the wind and catch the grasses bending in the wind. This was the G10 sketch which seemed to look promising.

'Grasses in the wind' (G10)
'Grasses in the wind' (G10)

However I think I still have lots to learn about photographing moving grasses as the LF slide is a total mess. Too long a shutter speed I suspect - other moving grasses are interfering and making it a mess compositionally.

There are probably similar parallels to shooting moving water successfully. I will have to think about this and work on the idea and technique again when I get the opportunity. For once, one up for the G10.