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Winter in Glencoe Revisited

An image from Glencoe that has come back to surprise me
'Buachaille Etive Mor on a Pink Morning'
'Buachaille Etive Mor on a Pink Morning'

I sat on this image for more than two months. At the time, as you may recall if you read my blog, I was somewhat out of sorts. I missed my Linhof Viewer which allows me to select the lens and viewpoint fairly accurately. Arriving half an hour before dawn, I setup repeatedly with both the 150 and 90 at several spots on the river before finally settling with this composition.

I think my uncertainty with the composition and frustration with the process of making it leaked into my judgement of the image when I got it back. I dismissed it. Not throwing it out, fortunately, I discovered it again last weekend when I was showing someone my trannies from the trip. Now I find quite like it. It is strange how a little distance from making the image can change one's perception of the result.