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Burned Log Revisited

Revisiting a recent favourite last saturday
'Theme B Burned Log Revisited'
'Theme B Burned Log Revisited'

Last Saturday evening I met up with Paul Moon around 6:30 and we headed into Frendal Dale to try and catch some early evening light over the valley. The cow parsley is looking good but our circuitous walk round meant that we didn't make it to our position in time. Paul managed a couple of goes at the two bursts of light we did get, but I was still at the faffing about stage and was setup 1/2 hour too late in the end. By the time the light came again it was nearly 8pm and it was not lighting the image sufficiently well.

So on the way back I stopped in to visit a recent favourite, the Millington burned log. With still no buzzing to report, I managed the image at the top. Who needs vistas?