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A trip with my son to the seaside
Last weekend I visited the East Coast with my son - for me to try out my new Nikon 120 Macro lens and for Henry to hunt for fossils.

I found it a tricky lens to get to grips with and I have had to make a number of adjustments to my technique to master it - including switching to using a tape measure to calculate bellows factor. Also focusing one of these cameras consistently to such distances can be tricky if you don't understand how radically different the focusing technique needs to be.

In the two hours or so we were there, I made three compositions, two of which I was pleased with. The first was a direct repeat of an image I made a few months back because I had not been happy with the result using my 150.

'Door Abstract'
'Door Abstract'

This is the kind of image I got this lens for - it is corrected for life size and this image, at 1.5x lifesize was no problem for the lens.

After a hunt further along the beach and an unsuccessful rock image, I finally decided to try the lens out with some wet sea weed. I was rather pleased with the result.

'Sea Weed'
'Sea Weed'

The image has a lovely quality combined with a simplicity I like. After some excellent crushed sandwiches, we wandered back up the steep cliff, Henry laden with some stunning fossils and me labouring with what looks likely to be a permanent addition to the bag.