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Mulgrave doubled

Two trips in quick succession to my favourite place for photography at the moment
'Mulgrave Dev#3 Rope in a Boat'
'Mulgrave Dev#3 Rope in a Boat'

Back in the early spring I had two outings in quick succession to my favourite location on the East Coast. Both trips had a similar pattern - a couple of hours working some fabulous old fishermans huts and boats followed by a stint on a beech rich with industrial archeology and fossils.

On the first outing, I was doing a spot of morning teaching - introducing a new starter into the wonderful world of Large Format photography. Towards the end of the morning I made an image, more than anything to demonstrate the end to end process that a large format photographer goes through when they work. I found a rather interesting rope on one of the boats and setup.

When I got the trannie back I didn't really pay much attention to it and left it in the pile of maybe to scan trannies and forgot about it. It was only when I was with Dave Tolcher the other day as we were looking through the back log of each others trannies that I noticed the image at the top of the page and Dave suggested I might want to scan it!

All in all I am rather pleased with it. In the afternoon, I made a couple of images of some of the strange rocks with one in particular catching my eye - it has an other world quality to it that I quite like. I will post it when I get round to scanning it.

A couple of weeks later I went back to Port Mulgrave with my father and made another two images I am very pleased with. Firstly I had another go at an old door I have tried three times now; finally I think coming out with a result I like.

'Mulgrave #B' Door abstract'
'Mulgrave #B' Door abstract'

I love the white circle around the nut on the door.

After the obligatory squashed cheese spread with salt n vinegar crisps sandwich (you have to have been brought up in the UK in the 70s and 80s to fully appreciate this culinary delight I think) we wandered on to the beach.

The circle theme continued when I found this wonderful yet totally bizzare bright red egg shaped rock formation.

'Mulgrave Detail #8'
'Mulgrave Detail #8'

My visits here must have reached double figures in the last 12 months and it continues to be a most fruitful place for my image making. Another trip here a few months later with Dave Tolcher produced a string of quite innovative images (for me) in quick succession and I will blog these next week.

The leaves are just starting to turn in East Yorkshire so roll on the Autumn. Time to check my stocks of Velvia methinks....