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Skipwith B&W

First of three trips out last weekend.
'Birch Trees at Skipwith'
'Birch Trees at Skipwith'

I made it out three times last weekend shooting black and white. Here is one from the first outing at Skipwith. Delta 100, 240mm lens with a #11 filter.

Not really been out this weekend but to make up for it I developed my first black and white film for many moons - sheet film and 35mm shot through a very entertaining Nikon FM2.

Great fun - should have done this years ago!

I've also begun to get the hang of printing B&W on the Epson as well now - much easier and better than I thought. So the LF black and white project is teed up - or would be if my bellows handn't developed a leak! The one above is one of the very few recent images made with the standard bellows without a leak :-(

Ah well...