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Moss football

One of my favourite images from the recent Etive trip
One of my favovourite images from the Glen Etive trip was made in a favourite part of the valley - the spooky trees. There is a marvellous mossery close by that I have photographed several times. This idea attracted me as soon as I saw the moss covered stump but I was particularly pleased to be able to find a composition that worked.

Etive Moss Ball
Etive Moss Ball

Abstaining from colour photography for a while has been essential for developing my black and white skills. Black and white is not simply an absence of colour - it is an entirely different way of thinking and seeing an image. Strong images I have learned need to be thought from the ground up in black and white. This necessitates not taking out colour fim at the same time. One needs to commit.

I will still shoot colour. In fact I spent the day last Sunday with Dave Tolcher at one of our favourite haunts with only Velva loaded in my TK holders. However, projects will drive my use of colour now - it is no longer my default way of seeing. Rightly or wrongly, I'm well and truly lost to black and white...