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A Millington valley and a little square

An image from another Sunday morning outing
A few weeks back I had a couple of trips with Paul Moon. Shooting in his local Garlic woods was just as special as it has been the last few years - especially so this year because of the 10x8.

However it was the other trip to millington that was particularly rewarding. I made several images with the 10x8 for my Millington woods project. After that we walked down one of our favourite spur valleys from Millington and I made this pleasing image with the Mamiya.

A Millington Valley
A Millington Valley

Rather rashly I have also picked up a rolleiflex - primarily as a walk around camera. Several people who know me also know my views about square format images for landscape images. However for some kinds of image - especially portraiture - it has it's place and I am rather enjoying the challenge of working with the format. For example I have a mini still life project using 5x4 already running in the square format and it will be interesting to see if this leads me anywhere or not. They are beautifully engineered and lovely to use. I do think for those keen to shoot film cameras times have never been better. There is still a reasonably wide range of films and many of the great classic camera systems are available to try out at a low cost unprecedented in their history - and with very little risk, as they can be sold afterwards if necessary at little or no loss. In 1970 - they hayday of the Rollei - the cost to buy would have been many many times what I just paid.