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Mulgrave revisited

A return to the source of my last project
'Mulgrave Revisited'
'Mulgrave Revisited'

Sometimes it is necessary to revisit an idea or place before one realizes that things have moved on.

On the second day of our North Yorkshire trip Dave and I visited Mulgrave. I completed my mulgrave project back in March last year and this was the first time back since.

Fun though it was, as always, it did feel like time to move on. I setup a couple of images with the 5x4 but generally felt uninspired. Finally I made the black and white image at the top and a colour image I haven't got round to scanning yet, more in a documentary style than the abstract work I had done before.

A few people have seen the final project and no doubt I will find a way of distributing it soon - if not in book form, possibly as an Ipad app.