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Catching up my website and musings on sequences...
‘Abstract #A

I have started the process of updating and modernising my website. As well as aimimg to do justice to some of the unpublished work from the last 6 years, I have also added a section called ‘projects & series’ with the goal of displaying sequences of images.

Sequences have been an important part of my photographic approach over the last 10 years since before I started working on my Mulgrave project. Developing themes and ideas that are explored over multiple images is a much more rewarding experience than hunting for the elusive isolated masterpiece. At any one stage I might have 5-15 series ideas at various states of evolution. Some go nowhere, others turn into completed projects. I always think in terms of adding to the sequence, aiming to extend the number of images. 1,2,3,6,12,24 images etc.

Order matters. Trying to get a flow that is harmonious is the goal - in short a sequence that works and is not discordant in terms of colour, subject, format, energy, balance or one that becomes boring. All the attributes I look for in a single image need to apply across the sequence: balance, story telling, energy, flow, substance.

Hence I created a slide show orientated section where the sequence can continuously loop. One important attribute of the section is that it contains both completed ‘series & projects’ and work that is evolving or unfinished. Too often in the past I have sat on ‘in progress’ work for no real reason. The act of display encourage one to evolve one’s thinking about the images and the series. It also allows me to mix images across multiple galleries.

A practical upshot is that I will start to add images from my Mulgrave, Hull and Millington projects over the comming weeks. I added chapter one of Mulgrave over the weekend.

To test the idea out I also added a live series that is currently under development called Graffiti. The clickpic technology allows me to quickly update and evolve the sequence as I think through the results, expand the ideas and add more images to the work. The two images at the top and bottom of this page form a taster. The image at the top has some echoes of my Mulgrave work, very deliberately. The image at the bottom will probably reside somewhere in the middle of the main sequence.

The series can be found here. Enjoy.

‘Abstract #6'