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Several new Galleries are now uploaded...
The second stage of modernising the website is now complete. I have loaded up images from my bark, graffiti, Millington, Hull and Mulgrave projects. Lots more recent images to come but that will have to wait for a few days.

Its has been interesting to look back on some of the images I made during my Black and White phase from 2013-17. Lots of enjoyable work and I do miss using my film cameras. I will go back to shoot black and white film in the future but not colour. Colour digital is now superior to film in almost every respect. My early work with the A7R (rather than A7Rii) was also good. In many ways my A7R and the RX1R are far better black and white cameras than the A7Rii and possibly even the GFX.

Here is a favourite image from that period as I started to explore urban landscapes.

'BP facility at Paull’
'BP facility at Paull’