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Dusting off my camera for the Autumn

A quick trip out to Skipwith today
I managed to get out this afternoon for an hour or so with my GFX Cambo Actus. The primary motive was to give the whole system a quick run through before the Autumn fully kicks in. I have two trips planned to the Lakes in November so I wanted to make sure everything was in working order, especially as my Hasselblad 100m CF lens had just got back from repair (done by Apature repair shop in London by the way - a super job and super service).

It was a good thing I did. I set this image up with the 100mm lens, tilted to hold focus front to back.

S 2019 10 20 0003 gfxskip-copy

Unfortunately because the camera had been switched off since my last trip in May (OMG, is it really that long?) the camera had reset itself. There is a lesson there. Get out more. It took me 10 minutes to find how to set all my usual manual focus checking, peaking, histogram settings and their mapping to buttons. Then when it came to activating the shutter, nothing happened. 20 minutes later I found the option buried deep in the menus to allow shutter activation without a fuji lens attached. This evening I will spend time reseting all the camera options. Anyway the good news is the 100mm is tip top for the Autumn.

On the way back, I found this image and I setup with the 150 pentax 645 lens. I love my Hassie CF V lenses to death but if they have one weakness it is slightly twitchy bokeh from time to time. So I experimented with the pentax lens to see if that would give me a better result in certain conditions.

S 2019 10 20 0008 gfxskip-copy

I have mostly got my website sorted now with a new 'in development' section and the majority of the last 4 years images loaded up. It is more tightly designed around my photographic process. I'm very happy with it and I hope you enjoy the new setup and a greater selection of my recent work. As a result I will now stop posting images on social media (facebook etc.) and concentrate on using my website proactively to help me think about and develop my photography.