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Borrowdale day one

First day on the borrowdale trip
Having taken Friday as vacation, I was up super early to drive over to the lakes and even after a couple of coffee shop stops en-route I was in place by 9.45am.

I had agreed to meet Dave Tolcher at the Bowderstone car park in Borrowdale and over the rest of the morning I managed to make a couple of decent images.

Firstly I made an image playing with some interesting grasses. One that might make the grasses series.


Then I made a second image of Castle Crag with some wonderful raking light.

'Castle Crag'
'Castle Crag'

Whilst I quite like this composition we did find a better viewpoint but unfortunately by that stage the sun had moved too far round and making a successful image wasn't possible. One for another day.

The rest of the day was fun but not really rewarding photographically. After a nice lunch in Grange we headed over to Shepherds Crag but the light was challenging and both detail compositions I setup were retrospectively disappointing. A fun day but slightly frustrating photographically.