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Torridon day six (day four in the house)

Difficult conditions...

Finally we got some decent (aka any) light at dawn this morning but we turned out to be spectacularly misplaced to enjoy the best light. None of us could face visiting Loch Clair first thing so we ended up unprepared and floundering location wise. The area is hard at that time. Nevertheless, it was still memorable.

We planned to head over to make some more 'wreck' images over the otherside of the loch. With low tide at 2.30 we had plenty of time to explore the hills on the way. Polka dot snow on the tops made images difficult and I spent a fun hour or two playing with grasses.


Arriving at Diabeg for lunch we started working the wreck. Once again after a slightly slow start I got into a flow state and made a series of images.


I slightly messed up my first wider shot. But was pleased with the rest. The colours in this image were superb, developing an idea from the year before but executed much better.


I also paid homage to Mr Tolcher's superb image from last year.


Inspired by that idea, I made another couple of images working the cabin.



Finally I made a couple of images of what remains of the deck.



Another interesting if challenging day.