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Milligton on a Saturday

Testing out some view camera lenses
On saturday I made it out for a few hours partly to continue my photography project at Millington but primarily to test out a couple of view camera lenses, a Cambo Actus 60mm and my old trusty schneider 150mm.I am gradually building up a view camera only based lens kit, shredding the temptations of medium format.


The Schneider 150 is tiny and nice, though very susceptible to lens flare as with most large format lensea. So it needed shielding on the above image.

The Actus 60mm is lovely. It lacks the immediate zeissy 'pop' of my hasselblad 60mm but is still very nice.


Close up is good too. This one needed heavy shielding as it was setup almost directly facing the sun.


Inspired by the Actus, I started to use the cambo like I used my old large format camera the linhoff technikardan.


The state of the ash trees at millington due to ash dieback is tragic. I made a few images documenting the logging, including at the far end which I recall were some pine trees. They are now covered in moss. There are also some fallen tree branches similarly covered.