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Millington again

This time dodging storm Dennis...
As storms battered the UK for a second weekend running, I headed for Millington again as soon as there was forecast to be an end to the rain. Millington Woods is a steep sided wolds valley full of trees so down at the bottom it was completely still whilst it was still blowing a gale on the tops.

I made a number of images testing out my large format lenses again - this time a Nikon 100mm f5.6 W. It seems to work rather well!


I once again worked the theme of the dying ash trees. I had scouted out this clump of trees with Paul Moon last year and returned to make a few more images.



I played around with the fallen tree ideas as well.



I have also loaded base tilts onto the Cambo - this seems to be the last link in the chain, making my Cambo GFX very like my old TK in terms of image shaping capability. I also made some subtle but significant changes to my workflow which I have been discussing with Guy and David which also seem to have made a major difference to the images.

I had quite lost track of the time by the end, realising I had been photographing for five hours straight! Another excellent session at Millington...