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A short trip out this morning
S 2020 03 01 0069 tun-copy

Continuing my aim of using the view camera every weekend, I made it out for a couple of hours this morning. The snowdrops I photographed last week had started to go over in places but I managed to make a couple of details.

S 2020 03 01 0021 tun-copy

I tried out the Nikon 100 w for closeup work. Its ok but the 120 macro is better.

S 2020 03 01 0029 tun-copy

I also shot an image with the 100mm Nikon.

S 2020 03 01 0033 tun-copy

After an hour or so the light started to get up so I headed over to one of the other vallleys and setup for some spotlights.

So much has come together in the last few weeks with returning to large format lenses, getting base tilts for the Cambo and tighening up my exposure discipline. Having setup I was totally happy to wait for 30 minutes in the cold and wind for the perfect lighting for the image at the top. I set off back home and made it for my father’s 80th birthday lunch.

S 2020 03 01 0069 tun-copy