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Opening my eyes to the Yorkshire Wolds

A local photographer opened my eyes to the hills on my own doorstep
I met up with local photographer Paul Moon a couple of weeks back. Paul lives in the Yorkshire Wolds and has walked its hills and valleys for several years.

Paul showed me a number interesting places and he certainly opened my eyes. I had walked in the wolds a few times in the past but I had not understood their potential. Driving over them, you get a completely false impression.

One of the places we visited was a valley near Millington Pastures. A number of gorse bushes had been burnt for clearance. I found this interesting stump and had a go.

'Burnt Gorse'
'Burnt Gorse'

I also made a trial image in one of the valleys later in the afternoon that suffered form a light leak (I forgot to lock down the back on my Techie - argh!). I was not too annoyed however as it needed a slightly different angle of light anyway.

What struck me most about the wolds was the quality of the grasses. In those valleys where sheep had not been grazing, the grass is wonderful and Paul related how much the valleys change during the year. I realised that timing is going to be critical for successful photography there. Getting the right angle and quality of light combined with the right season is the challenge.

After talking to Paul, I resolved to set myself a challenge over the next couple of years - make 12 strong images of the places I call home. Home for me is the valley I live in (the Lower Derwent Valley), York (my nearest city), The Wolds over to Beverley (where I went to School) and Hull (my town of birth).

As a result I have re-organised my Gallery to create a 'Closer to Home' portfolio. As it stands it is looking rather sad, but that is intended to embarrass me into action more than anything. It is probably the closest I'll get to a 'project' in my photography! Watch this space.