Short articles on topics that interest me, ideas and a few hints and tips.

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07/11/2021 ...more

Exposure strategy for digital cameras


Exposure strategy and execution is still super important even in an all digital workflow ...more



Thoughts on the visualisation step of the photographic process ...more

Inspiration in photography


Finding the inspiration to make new images is the challenge every photographer (in fact every artist) ultimtely faces. Can inspiration be created? ...more

What is a photographic process?


A short summary of my own photographic process ...more

The GFX Cambo Actus


The whys and wherefores followed by a few pointers ...more

Seed images: escaping the tyranny of the masterpiece


What to do when an alchemy image happens... ...more

Organising Abstract Photography


Borrowing from music’s sonata form to help structure abstract portfolios ...more

Developing black and white for scanning


Some thoughts on my process given the demise of Aculux 3 my preferred developer ...more

The future of film


Musings on the recent fallout from the inevitable restructuring of the film industry ...more

On Landscape Interview


An audio interview I did with Tim Parkin, the editor of UK photography magazine On Landscape ...more

Keeping Going


Balancing work and play ...more

Close Focus with LF


Technique when getting up close... ...more

Bellows Factor


A simple table for calculating bellows factor ...more

Strategies for longevity - the value of investing time in photographing the landscape


An article I wrote after considering what 'productivity' really meant in photography ...more

A Sense of Place - Connecting with the Landscape


An article I wrote following a Photography Workshop in the Lakes ...more

Reflected Light


An article exploring one of the most fasinating and rewarding areas of photography ...more

Patterns in the Landscape


Following a trip to Northumberland, I reflected on a fantastic day of detail images and put together the following article. ...more

Perspective Control in Landscape Photography


An article I wrote following my recent experimentation with deliberate use of perspective control ...more

Staggered Grads


Analysing an image from Saltwick Bay triggered me to develop and adopt a better technique for making those tricky pre-dawn images ...more

UK Locations


A list of my favourite UK photographic locations. ...more

Large Format Movements Explained


In this article I try to explain and demystify some of the common Large Format View Camera movements and their effects. ...more

What makes a great location?


A trip to Saltwick Bay got me reflecting on what makes a truly great location for photography. ...more

Exposure Part VI - Bringing all it together ***Updated 28/10/10***


In the final part I summarise the process and talk through some real life examples. ...more

Exposure Part V - Accurate Midpoints


In the penultimate article in my guide to exposure I cover how to refine the midpoint exposure using an incident light meter ...more

Exposure Part IV - Adjustments


In the fourth part of my guide to exposure I cover some of the final adjustments you need to make – for filters and (on large format) bellows factor. ...more

Exposure Part III – Graduated Filters


In the third part of my guide to exposure I discuss how to use a graduated filter to help ensure highlight and shadow detail is retained in your image. ...more

Exposure Part II - Highlights


In part II of my guide to exposure I look at how to handle highlights and shadows. ...more

Exposure Part I - Metering for a Midpoint


Modern electronics are a wonderful thing but leaving the camera on automatic is giving up control to a machine of one of the most critical and creative aspects of your photography. But how do you take control? Read the first part of my guide to metering with a spot meter. ...more