Book 'Vision and Craft' is published

With a foreword by Joe Cornish and after 6 long years my first book is finally published...

"Any skeptical yet curious person who doubts photography as an art, should immerse themselves in this book. Jon’s eloquent and persuasive text is among the most convincing evidence I have yet read that serious photography is an artistic endeavour.

And in the unlikely scenario that you need further proof, his photography will do the rest. This is a breath-taking collection of images that speak, and sing, in ways where words and music cannot."

Joe Cornish, September 2011.

After six long years my first book is finally published. Inspired by seeing Paul Mitchell's excellent book containing his pinhole images, I decided to finally bring the whole book project to a conclusion.

Joe was kind enough to supply me with a foreword and I have published today.

"Vision and craft are two sides of the same coin. Watching a truely great artist at work in any field is instructive. They seem to be totally at one with their chosen medium - whether it is brush, chisel, musical instrument or camera - they are master of their craft and can use their technical skill to realise the full extent of their creative vision."

The book contains 92 of my images from the last six years supported by five essays on different aspects that have shaped my vision: managing complexity, depth, seeing the subject, place and inspiration. All the images were made on a large format camera using 5x4 inch transparency film.

It is published in two formats: the large format hardback version (13"x13") and a small paper back version (7"x7"). The book is available to order online at

Large Format Edition
By Jon Brock

Paperback Edition
By Jon Brock

I have also added an e-book version designed for ipad/iphone reading. Please make sure you select the correct 'iPad/iPhone Version' as for some reason Blurb defaults to physical book printing and I cannot switch this off!