Keeping Going

Balancing work and play
Balancing a passion for making images with a demanding job is a challenge many of us face. It seems inevitable with priorities going elsewhere, that making art suffers in such situations. How to keep going?

Here are three ways I am approaching this challenge. Firstly I am forcing myself make at least one image every weekend. Fluency comes with practice and I am convinced I make my best images when I feel totally at ease about the realisation of an image. I can concentrate on the process of creation - inspiration and imagination. That sense of ease only comes with frequent practice.

The second approach I am adopting is to shoot close to home. If I don't make it over to the Wolds or the coast, I will travel the few minutes to Skipwith for an hour or so. I need a back yard to make images in.

Thirdly I have paired down my pack to a small, lightweight 3 lens kit. I got my 125 repaired so I have a wonderful 125, 180, 240 fujinon combination that allows me to get to places and make images without feeling too exhausted.

'A Storm over Skipwith'
'A Storm over Skipwith'