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An on-line diary of recent photographic trips and the resulting images (including many of the images that 'got away').

Cambo Actus GFX

3 March, 2018

Practicing with my new view camera

Day Six Torridon

1 March, 2018

The day of snow showers

Day Five Torridon

1 March, 2018

The difficult day

Day Four Torridon

23 February, 2018

A quiet, productive day

Day Three Torridon

23 February, 2018

An adrenaline packed day of photography

Day Two Torridon

21 February, 2018

The day of epic light...

Day One Torridon

21 February, 2018

Picures from day one of my recent Torridon trip

Skipwith outings

2 May, 2017

A couple of trips out to Skipwith over the bank holiday weekend...

Boggle Hole

6 March, 2017

A trip out to RHB on Sunday morning

A recent trip to Glencoe

14 February, 2017

Summary of a recent trip to Glencoe with David Tolcher, Guy Aubertin and Paul Whiting.

Mulgrave revisited

8 February, 2015

A return to the source of my last project

NYM mist

8 February, 2015

Images in the mist on the North Yorkshire Moors

RHB at dawn...

8 February, 2015

Another image from the post Christmas trip

A day in the Dales

4 February, 2015

Just after Christmas I managed a few days around Yorkshire with Dave Tolcher

More from Harrogate

24 January, 2015

More images from the trip out with Dave Tolcher and Tristan Campbell in the Autumn

The Lakes

19 November, 2014

One of my favourite images of the last 12 months...

Its been a while...

18 November, 2014

A Millington valley and a little square

1 August, 2013

An image from another Sunday morning outing

Tree stump

21 July, 2013

An image from a few weeks back


2 June, 2013

One of the first trips out with 10x8

Etive valley

23 April, 2013

Another image from the January trip

Etive trio in the mist

14 April, 2013

Another misty Etive image

Moss football

4 April, 2013

One of my favourite images from the recent Etive trip

More from the Peaks

1 April, 2013

Another wintry image...when will it end?

The Ings

23 March, 2013

An image from my local Ings

Peak District

17 March, 2013

First roll of film developed from the peak district

More Etive

2 March, 2013

Finally starting to catch up with the developing.

Etive Batch II

3 February, 2013

Samples from the second batch

Back from Glen Etive - first developing batch

14 January, 2013

First pickies from last weeks trip to Glen Etive...

Happy New Year

2 January, 2013

An image from Millington Woods last sunday

Millington Woods

24 December, 2012

A sunday morning trip out with Paul Moon....


23 December, 2012

A trip out with my new (early) Christmas toy....

RHB Dawn

18 November, 2012

A (very) early morning outing with Dave Tolcher

A pair from a couple of days off

11 November, 2012

A couple of images made with a bit of spare time

Autumnal woods

22 October, 2012

An autumnal trip to my local woods

More B&W

18 October, 2012

A couple of further trips out over the last two weekends...

Weldrake Ings

13 October, 2012

A trip out to the local Ings last weekend...

Sunday morning Wolds Trip

10 September, 2012

Sunday morning trip out

Skipwith B&W

9 September, 2012

First of three trips out last weekend.

Skipwith with different eyes

27 August, 2012

Seeing Skipwith for the first time through the eyes of Black and White...


24 July, 2012

Another image from Mulgrave a couple of weeks ago

Mulgrave creation

21 July, 2012

Continuing to explore ways of creating at Mulgrave

Scots Pine Bark

16 July, 2012

Continuing my objective to make an image every weekend...

East Coast Outing

7 July, 2012

Images are back from a trip out with Tim Parkin and David Tolcher last Sunday

An early Mulgrave outing

9 June, 2012

Jubilee time spend wisely

Saturday morning outing

9 June, 2012

An outing with Dave Tolcher and Paul Moon

Well Dale

9 June, 2012

First hawthorn pickie of the season

Skipwith Birch Trees

9 June, 2012

A couple of images from Skipwith outings

More Wolds Catchup

4 June, 2012

A few images from this time last year

Garlic in the woods

25 May, 2012

A trip out the other weekend with Paul Moon


25 May, 2012

Continuing the promise to myself to make 1 picture a week...

Wolds - roots, bark and bluebells

25 May, 2012

A trip out three weekends ago


20 May, 2012

...season in the Wolds is nearly upon us...

Wolds Tunnel

19 May, 2012

Another image from a Wolds trip

Keeping Going

19 May, 2012

Balancing work and play

Beach Revisited

19 May, 2012

A Sunday morning outing

Bishop Wilton Pond Revisited

19 May, 2012

A Sunday morning trip in March

The 2012 January trip

19 May, 2012

A catch up once again with quite a few images from my annual January trip...

Image with Paul

18 May, 2012

I promised Paul Moon I would post a few images from our recent trips..

Lakes Trip - Final 2 days

19 February, 2012

Belatedly images from the final two days

Lakes Day Three

20 November, 2011

Day three of the recent Autumn trip to the Lakes

The Lakes Day Two

12 November, 2011

Finally making it to the Lakes...

Lakes Day One

12 November, 2011

Day one from my recent trip to the lakes...

Book 'Vision and Craft' is published

5 November, 2011

With a foreword by Joe Cornish and after 6 long years my first book is finally published...

Falling Leaves

22 October, 2011

60 miles for a leaf...

Mulgrave again

25 September, 2011

A creative session at Mulgrave

Mulgrave doubled

24 September, 2011

Two trips in quick succession to my favourite place for photography at the moment

May Peaks

11 September, 2011

A trip to the Peak District back in May


10 September, 2011

Last weekend's trip to Sandsend

August Bank Holiday

10 September, 2011

A trip to the seaside

Glencoe pilgrimage cut short

4 September, 2011

This February's trip to the Kings House

Last of the snow

29 August, 2011

A trip out towards the end of the snow

Wolds Waves

28 August, 2011

A trip out to the wolds a couple of weeks ago

Last Autumn Picture

16 August, 2011

An image from just before the snow last year

Snow in November

15 August, 2011

Images from a trip last year

Fossils and Pictures

14 August, 2011

A trip with my son to the seaside

Garlic at Millington

24 July, 2011

Images from a session in May

Flowers in the Wolds

17 July, 2011

Getting back out again in the Wolds...

2011 Calandar

5 December, 2010

Is now available...

An Autumn weekend in the Lakes

6 November, 2010

The pictures are back from last weekend's trip to the Lakes

Peak District Autumn

3 November, 2010

A trip to the peak district with Julian Ashley.

Autumn in the Wolds

25 October, 2010

The first autumnal trip of the season to the Wolds

North Yorkshire Moors Saturday

28 September, 2010

The following day...

North Yorkshire Moors Friday

17 September, 2010

A trip up to the North Yorkshire Moors with Dave T

Scoar Dale Trees

4 September, 2010

A trip out to Scoar Dale

North Yorkshire Moors Day 2

22 August, 2010

A visit to the Hole of Horcum

North Yorkshire Moors Day 1

21 August, 2010

Day one of a trip up to the NYM to meet up with Dave Tolcher

Drums and Pizza

31 July, 2010

A visit to play with Tim Parkin's new Drum Scanner


24 July, 2010

A trip out to the wolds to photograph the Rosebay Willow Herb

Down South

17 July, 2010

An image from my sojourn South last week

Tun Dale

17 July, 2010

A mid week trip out to the wolds with Paul Moon and Tim Parkin

Bishop Wilton at Dusk

17 July, 2010

A trip out in the Wolds a couple of weeks back

Sunday Morning Poppies and Barley

4 July, 2010

A trip out last Sunday Morning

Sunday Evening Poppies

2 July, 2010

A trip out to photograph Poppies in the Wolds

Bishop Wilton with Light

24 June, 2010

A trip out last sunday to complete a composition I saw the previous week

Burned Log Revisited

24 June, 2010

Revisiting a recent favourite last saturday

A perfect Sunday Morning

19 June, 2010

Shooting cows and elephants in the wolds

Frendal Light

19 June, 2010

The last of those twisty valley hawthorn images

Elder Man Revisited

19 June, 2010

A return to the Elder Tree

Bank Holiday Weekend in the Wolds - Monday

9 June, 2010

A Monday Evening Trip Out

Bank Holiday Weekend in the Wolds - Sunday (updated)

6 June, 2010

Sunday morning in Sylvan Dale with Paul Moon

Bank Holiday Weekend in the Wolds - Friday

6 June, 2010

Friday Evening Image from the recent Bank Holiday Weekend

Log and Bark

6 June, 2010

A couple of trips out to the wolds were conditions implied 'details' were the order of the day.

Garlic return

29 May, 2010

A dawn outing last weekend

Garlic and Bluebells in the Wolds

20 May, 2010

A trip out last weekend with Paul Moon to his local woods

A chance meeting

8 May, 2010

A chance meeting in the wolds last weekend

Winter in Glencoe Revisited

16 April, 2010

An image from Glencoe that has come back to surprise me

Thornwick Bay

16 April, 2010

A trip out to Thornwick Bay on Easter Monday

More Skipwith Experimentation

12 April, 2010

A couple of images from a trip out a couple of weeks ago

A very frosty morning in the Wolds

14 March, 2010

My first run out with the new TK

Winter 2010 Glencoe - Coe and Nevis

26 February, 2010

Visits to Glencoe and Glen Nevis on the Thursday and Friday

Winter in Glencoe 2010 - Trees and Ice

23 February, 2010

The Wednesday of my recent trip to Glencoe

Winter 2010 at Glencoe - Monday and Tuesday

22 February, 2010

The Monday and Tuesday of my recent trip to Glencoe

Winter 2010 at Glencoe - Sunday

13 February, 2010

The first day of 2010's trip to Glencoe

Back from Glencoe

7 February, 2010

Just got back from the Glencoe Trip

A weekend in Hathersage

6 February, 2010

A Trip to the Peak District with Julian Ashley

Fen Bog

17 January, 2010

A trip out to Fen Bog with Dave Tolcher

Peak District Scouting

17 January, 2010

A trip out to scout the Peak District

Skipwith in the snow

16 January, 2010

A couple of days later...

Skipwith in the wind

15 January, 2010

At trip to my playground between christmas and new year in the high wind.

North Yorkshire Moors

10 January, 2010

Just got back from a wonderful couple of days on the Moors

New Years Resolution

30 December, 2009

Get out more often....

An Early Christmas Present from Postie

24 December, 2009

The LF images from last Sunday Morning's trip to the Wolds are back

Fuji to stop manufacture of QuickLoad film

23 December, 2009

My take on this news...

Snowy Wolds

20 December, 2009

A trip to the wolds in the snow this morning

Skipwith Details

18 December, 2009

A cloudy afternoon at Skipwith


18 December, 2009

A trip (well walk) to the local pub

Skipwith Common and the Ings

11 December, 2009

A trip out last weekend

Latest Viewpoints Article

10 December, 2009

My recent workshop in the Lakes triggered me to finish off an article I have had in draft form for 9 months.

Something different

4 December, 2009

Every now and then I challenge myself to shoot something I haven't done before

Dry Valley in the Wolds

21 November, 2009

The wolds is starting to grip me

Lake District ALF Part 3

21 November, 2009

The final pictures from the trip

Lake District ALF Part 2

21 November, 2009

Images from the Wednesday

Lake District ALF Part 1

21 November, 2009

First set of pictures from the ALF workshop

Back from the Lakes

14 November, 2009

I'm back from a magnificent week in the Lake District on the Light and Land Advanced Large Format Workshop

G10 madness

25 October, 2009

I recently bought a cannon G10 to use as my sketching camera...

Early light in the Yorkshire Wolds (Edited to add the Trannies)

25 October, 2009

Great light first thing this morning...

2010 Calendar

18 October, 2009

The new 2010 Calendar is now available

Yorkshire Wolds

14 October, 2009

Another trip out to the wolds

Horcum again

5 October, 2009

Another go at a difficult location

Berries, Ravenscar and Football

3 October, 2009

A trip over to the NY Moors a couple of weeks ago

Late Summer Pickies

1 October, 2009

...are back.


18 July, 2009

A trip to the woods near Hull

Saltwick and Robin Hoods Bay

11 July, 2009

Finally got out again; this time with Tim Parkin and Dave Tolcher...

Day two Northumberland

10 April, 2009

Day two from the recent trip to Northumberland

Day one Northumberland

9 April, 2009

Day one from a two day trip to Northumberland with my father.

Northumberland trailer

7 April, 2009

Half of the pictures are back from Northumberland...

Boggle Hole

14 March, 2009

A visit to the Bay

Opening my eyes to the Yorkshire Wolds

14 March, 2009

A local photographer opened my eyes to the hills on my own doorstep

Glencoe, Day 6

27 February, 2009

The final day...

Glencoe, Day 5

25 February, 2009

A second day of snow and sunshine

Glencoe, Day 4

21 February, 2009

The day it finally snowed

Glencoe, Day 3

20 February, 2009

A vist to Kinlochleven

Glencoe, Day 2

17 February, 2009

The difficult second day on a recent trip to Glencoe

Glencoe, Day 1

14 February, 2009

The pictures from the Glencoe trip are back!

Lake District

8 February, 2009

A trip to the Lakes in January

Update from Glencoe

6 February, 2009

Its snowing...

Lake District Trailer

30 January, 2009

First pickies back from my trip to the Lakes last weekend {Updated 07/02}

A wet trip to the Lakes

9 January, 2009

A wet couple of days in the Lakes just before Christmas

East Cottingwith Ings

26 December, 2008

A quick boxing day excursion to visit the Ings

The Bay (again)

24 December, 2008

Not making an image at the bay yesterday got me reflecting on how my photography had developed during the year...

Robin Hoods Bay

6 December, 2008

Images from a trip to the Bay with Dave Tolcher


23 November, 2007

Images published in book