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Bishop Wilton at Dusk

A trip out in the Wolds a couple of weeks back
'Setting Sun at Bishop Wilton'
'Setting Sun at Bishop Wilton'

A couple of weeks ago I managed to get out with Paul to re-visit the trees at Bishop Wilton. We stopped at the poppies to check them out, but they were well past their best so we drove on to Bishop Wilton.

Approaching the trees from a different direction we walked up spotting several places where the photography is going to be outstanding in the Autumn.

This is the third time I have hunted for a satisfactory image of the trees and until now I have not felt encouraged enough to set an image up. Again after a long hunt I was feeling frustrated as every viewpoint seemed to be somehow compromised - some aspect of the image didn't work. Finally I almost stumbled on the above viewpoint. It was the one place where the separation in the trees worked and I set the image up.

Then I had a fairly long wait for the light to strike. It was fairly cloudy and at one stage I was unsure whether or not it was going to light. Finally it did for just a few seconds and I managed to make one sheet on Velvia with the warm sidelight on the trees before the light faded.