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Falling Leaves

60 miles for a leaf...
'Leaf and Water'
'Leaf and Water'

"Did you get anything dear?"
"Yes, one picture. A leaf...".
"Ah", (sighs).

Limbering up for my annual autumn trip to the Lakes, I visited my old hunting grounds of Thomason Foss and Falling Foss last weekend.

I headed straight for my favourite area of Falling Foss, just above the falls only to find it has been trashed by the tea shop. Drat. Hopefully it will regenerate but it was no good for this year.

So I wandered further upstream and eventually found a likely looking patch of river. Looking around I considered a few ideas before finally settling on the image at the top.

As well as recognising I needed to slightly move the leaf to balance the image better against the background, the key insight was to gently pull the stawk out of the water - I knew this would connect the surface reflections with the leaf under the water and a create a ripple effect. Fortunately my subject didn't go floating off down stream and I was able to setup with the 240.

The final challenge was of course to wait until the reflections were spot on - 45 minutes standing in the stream in my wellies. (Bemused walkers must have been wondering what I was doing). Of course I held out a little longer for what I really wanted - a patch of sunlight to strike the leaf, but it was not to be: I had to make do with the little bit of diffused sunlight I received which was just enough to lift the leaf. Never mind, it seemed to do the job.

Quite pleased with myself for an hour and a halfs work, I packed up and decided to drop off at Thomason Foss on the way back. A lovely walk down to the end of the falls, I homed in on the foam that had defeated me a year ago. 40 minutes of hunting and I had to admit defeat once again! Maybe there is such a thing as subject failure sometimes - though no doubt next time I visit I will forget this.

With it beginning to darken, I headed back to the car and started back for home.

60 miles for a leaf - a bargain.