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Another wintry image...when will it end?

This weeks image is another image made from the trip to the Peak District a few weeks back.

It ended up being more rushed than I intended. I was taking my usual time over the composition - micro adjustments to the position, checking the dynamic range and generally enjoying myself when suddenly I noticed a skier heading towards the scene from the hill on the right. I figured I had less than a minute to make the image before he arrived at the gate, so I had to finalise the composition, meter and shoot in record time. I was rather pleased with how it turned out.

I have had enough of the cold and snow - I would like the leaves back on the trees.
The last batch of snow has been particularly annoying - very little of it seemed to fall on York - so just cold and a delayed spring. I was out walking with the family today and there is still no sign of anything happening outside with the trees. Hopefully very soon...