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A day in the Dales

Just after Christmas I managed a few days around Yorkshire with Dave Tolcher
'Clearing Storm in the Dales'
'Clearing Storm in the Dales'

Just after Christmas and before I went back to work, I managed an excellent few days out with Dave Tolcher in Yorkshire.

Abandoning our initial plan to visit the lakes due to the weather, we bolted to Whitby for a few days and I will post a few of these pictures over the next few days.

However on the Thursday, we made a day trip into the dales. This is an area I have my eyes on for a black and white project and we had an excellent day around the Malham area working a location we found.

After a little bit of wandering, we locked on the area we wanted and scouted some potential images. As we did this, a storm came through and we made sure we were setup to catch the superb light that would come through as it cleared. The result was the very pleasing image at the top.

I found two other strong images later in the day - but both failed for differing reasons. The first was a technical fault on 5x4 that I have been prone to before - over tilting a wide angle lens. Adjusting the plane of focus significantly reduces the depth of field (cone of acceptable sharpness) and I must remember to only use a couple of degrees of tilt on a 125mm/90mm lens. The result was an irritatingly unsharp picture of a perfect moment.

The second was simply making the wrong bet. I managed to setup a composition that (by a fluke) ended up pointing at a clear sky in the direction of Leeds Bradford Airport rather than towards the most amazing storm clouds that came through. The clouds just never made it across far enough into my composition! You win some you lose some but in my view a day in the landscape is what it is all about, not bagging the picture!