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Day four of Torridon 2020

Day one of Torridon photography...

For our first full day of photography in Torridon and with one eye on the risk of polka dot snow later in the week, we decided to head out to photograph in the woods. We stumbled on a ocation with potential last year whilst scouting in some poor weather and returned to explore further. It turned out to be exceptional.

The image above was one of my favourite images of the day, capturing the character of the place. I also made a pair of birch tree images overhanging the water.



Our location had some wonderful birch trees that will reward further work this week if we are lucky enough to keep the lower slopes prestine. I made a third birch image, blending the birch trees with the trunk of a pine tree.


A similar idea was employed with this next image, the idea being to create a flow through the birch trees surrounding the pine trees.


Finally I also made a simple portrait of a lovely pine tree.


We finished the day on the hills overlooking loch Torridon but the conditions had become too benign and I resorted to hunting out compositions for future visits.