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Torridon trip day seven (five in the house)

A very wet birthday...

Waking up to pouring rain, the weather unfortunately meant we were not able to make it for an amazing dawn at Loch Clair on Guys birthday. So out of necessity it became another tree day. We explored the same location only this time we climbed higer to an area Dave and I had scouted and worked the year before.

We worked in almost constant rain. I made a couple of images (the image at the top and this one) that started to make sense of the character of the landscape of Torridon.


I also made a couple of fairly standard tree portraits to add to the collection. Fun anyway.



Finally I had a go at an image playing with the old idea of anthropomorphism.


We rounded off the day at the Torrion cafe completely drenched for an excellent late lunch.

Given the forecast, it is likely we will be working the same area at some point again over the next couple of days so I have set a number of objectives, including to finish off my birch sequence of six images and to develop a set of six images that really capture the essence of that area of Torridon.