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Torridon day eight (day 6 in the house)

A very difficult day

The forecast was atrocious for the day, with 60 mile an hour gusts of wind and persistent rain. Sure enough we woke up to howling wind and rattling windows. We decided not to head out until lunchtime when there was a chance the rain and wind would (very slightly) ease and watched a few of the excellent On Landscape lightroom and capture one image processing videos by Joe Cornish.

Heading for the shelter of some woods, we made a few images. I climbed up the hillside and managed to make an image exploiting the lovely recession brought on my the rain across the loch.


I also made a detail image of the lovely red pine bark (at the top).

I then returned to the scene of my birch trees from a few days ago and had a go at making some more images, perhaps less successfully.





I finished up with all my gear drenched. A challenging day.