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A wet sunday morning

Working an old still life project whilst storm Ciara batters the UK

With storm Ciara bombarding the UK, a trip out on Sunday was out of the question. So I took Dave Tolcher's advice and resurrected an old film idea making still life images, this time on my Cambo Actus with my 120 LF nikon macro lens.

I played around for a good couple of hours, reminding myself of the exposure discipline I used to have when I shot film - a skill I have been neglecting too often when I use the GFX. I need to be a little less lazy sometimes and have accordingly adjusted the setup of my GFX to allow easier access to spot metering.


My processing also refined as I worked a few ideas. I iterated towards the image at the top via a few images that repeated ideas from a few years back. The improvement cycle is so much shorter than it was when I tried this on film. Before I had to develop the film, dry it and scan it before I could consider my results - at best a 1/2 day job.


Finally I played with a subject that had more reflective surfaces to get some data on what happens. Who knows, maybe I will continue this mini project whenever the weather is bad of a weekend.