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Snowdrops in the Wolds

Sunday morning pictures with Paul Moon
Eager to continue my weekly photography sessions, I met up with Paul Moon at Millington this morning. The rain was forecast to mostly finish by 8am and the front would fully clear through by mid day so we met around 8.15. We worked the wood first for 90 minutes or so - more on that later. We then headed over to one of our favourite Millington valleys. Paul had said the snow drops were usually late there and we thought with a mixture of wet and clearing sunlight it could be good.


It was better than good. We worked the area for some time and I setup several images. The one above focused on some lovely bendy ash tree trunks and was setup with the excellent Nikon W 100mm f5.6. The next image is the first one I setup when we arrived - it was exposed during a heavy shower. I used the Actar 60mm.


The snowdrops seemed to go on and on - higher up I found a superb tunnel like effect, very characteristic of the woods in this particular valley. I made a horizontal image, spurning my usual upright approach. By this stage the light was stunning.


Sadly this is probably one of the last years these kind of images will be possible. The area around the snowdrops was yet another ash tree graveyard - with branches littering the wood floor everywhere. I saw several small branches come down close to where I was standing. I made this image with the g claron 150 - which I am also beginning to really like.


Finally I made a detail with a fallen branch,.


Earlier in the day I made some more images at Millington woods. Firstly my eye was caught with how this super branch (I have photographed it several times) echoes the path.


I played with the logs again - all the recent rain seems to have allowed the moss to go bananas.


Finally I setup an image looking down the track from half way up the side of the hill. Another excellent outing.