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Thorganby Lockdown Set #1

A project that has emerged from my daily Covid 19 lockdown exercise walks in my home village of Thorganby in North Yorkshire.

The Covid 19 restrictions forced me into lockdown back in early March. I had just reached a point where I was super happy with the setup with my GFX - Cambo and unfortunately that flow was halted.

However on my daily hour long exercise walks from the village I started to take out my Sony cameras and shoot black and white handheld. I also started to process in Capture one rather than Adobe Lightroom and before I knew it a project had started.

Like all projects in their early stages, I have no idea yet of the organising structure or main themes of the work. Pictures are just happening, almost every day.

This is the first time I have started to systematically explore, work and interpret my local landscape in the Vale of York. I have interpreted landscapes before, most significantly the Yorkshire Wolds, but that was a weekly endeavour. Getting out and seeing the same places in different conditions, lighting and as the seasons develop has been educational.

I will start blogging the images in sets of 6. No commentary yet as the images are still growing.

Stay safe.